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Active rehabilitation, aquatic therapy and personal training services in Vancouver.

Aquamotion Rehabilitation and Fitness is a mobile company offering active rehabilitation, aquatic therapy and personal training services to clients in their communities. Aquamotion provides solutions to the barriers clients face by making it easier and more convenient for clients to train and progress in their health and fitness goals.

If you are suffering from an injury, a knowledgeable Exercise Therapy Specialist will get you in the pool to start the active rehabilitation process faster than you otherwise could if dryland training were your only option.
If you are looking to improve your fitness, strength or overall health, an attentive Personal Trainer will meet you in your community, at your home or at your gym to minimize travel, time, and ultimately the cost for you to train.

Your trainer will assess you, prescribe custom designed programs based on your individual needs, and closely monitor your progress. Your trainer will do this by utilizing a comprehensive functional and corrective movement based approach to reduce risk of injury. These specialized programs will help produce the results you want, helping you to heal faster, get stronger, and ultimately move better.

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