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Rebekah Litke, B.Sc., CPT, SET

Rebekah developed Aquamotion Rehabilitation and Fitness in 2011 to fill the gap between healthcare and fitness. She has dedicated her career to helping clients get back to their pre- injury lives as well as develop fit and healthy lifestyles that clients can be proud of.

Rebekah, a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Exercise Therapy Practioner, received her Bachelors degree from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Human Kinetics in 2005. She is a Certified Aquatic Rehabilitation Specialist, a Functional Movement Systems Provider and is currently studying to become a certified Medical Exercise Specialist with the American Academy of Health, Fitness and Rehabilitation Professionals.

Rebekah began working in the active rehabilitation field, specializing in aquatic therapy, in 2005 and quickly developed a passion for helping her clients achieve their health and fitness goals when it may not otherwise be possible early on in the rehabilitation process. She has worked with organizations such as G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Center, Turning Point Rehabilitation Consulting Inc., Paris Orthotics and Sportmed, Canadian AquaFitness Leadership Association, as well as with the Cities of Richmond and Vancouver.

Rebekah is committed to helping her clients achieve their health and fitness goals, in water and on land, she helps to rehabilitate injury, improve movement quality, strength and overall health and fitness.

Rebekah is avidly involved in the Vancouver and Richmond Lifeguard communities. She continues to participate in swimming for recreation, fitness and competition, yoga, surfing, stand up paddling, spin classes and is an avid downhill skier.


Aquamotion’s professional and motivating staff are committed to providing a safe and caring environment that promotes healing.

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