Crossfit enthusiasts beware… or rather, come see us when you get injured!

Scott Abel points out in his point that Crossfit can cause injuries in even the most experienced athletes, and is basically  “Designed to exceed the capacities of the world’s fittest athletes.” Amateurs and the rest of the world, watch out!

He goes on to highlight a conversation he had with another professional dealing with elite athletes who use Crossfit as conditioning:

“I told him that in all pro sports where trainees are following Crossfit for their “conditioning” they can expect to see a rash of unexplainable non-contact injuries that are not typical for the sport they participate in – but that the Crossfit training sets up. It’s just inevitable to me as an observing expert. He looked at me with that look of sudden acknowledgment. “We’re already seeing it,” he told me. ”

Check out the link below, its a definite must- read!